en- There is an urgent need for Mighty Men who are able and strong in the things of God. We need MAN POWER to get the job done, but not any old man will Do… we need Spirit-Filled Men. The most powerful force in the state today are Men filled with God.

This ministry meets often to sharpen the swords and encourage the great men of God to fight on.

Truth U Men hosts MAN ALIVE events including; men’s breakfasts, BBQs, retreats, camp meetings and more all throughout the year to provide a space where men can be with other men to build up our faith and do life together.

The Lord wants more MIGHTY MEN in the great work of the kingdom. – Aaron Trimble

David was not only a man of valor, he surrounded himself with men of valor. When David came to the end of his life, he reflected on the great men who served him and faithfully fought beside him.

David had thirty (30) top men he depended upon for everything. As they died or were killed, they were replaced by others who had shown valor, integrity, and strength. Of this thirty select men, David had three (3) mighty men of valor who held a very special place in David’s kingdom.

My heart beats to stir the men of God in this age God has given me some 50 messages aimed at the hearts of Men! -Aaron Trimble

1 Corinthians 1:26-31 (NKJV)

26 For you see your calling, brethren ! That not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called.

God has called you, he has called you from the time that you were young and no matter what has happened in your life, God’s calling is without repentance. He is calling you to believe, if you will believe, he will lead your life and make it count for all ETERNITY.

I believe that all HELL trembles when MEN begin to Believe. Realizing the authority that we have in Christ. That the promise and the power are for me. Do you understand what God wants to do in you and threw you? And that It is for the whole body of Christ!

If Christ can live the way he wants to in each of us your Home Town doesn’t have to go to

hell. There can be a Witness! The issue is, do you see your calling, do you realize why you were saved, why you were called in the first place, to walk in obedience to his will, when he says go, go, when he says speak, speak. Do you know your calling brothers it’s to deliver a people in bondage? You are the Deliverer’s!

Do you understand that you have The Power of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus in your life, you are not powerless, and you have the power of God to advance a kingdom?

If Men could lay hold of this one truth. Thousands could come to Christ, your Home Town would be shell shocked, and religion would lose out to Jesus Christ. For you see your calling, brethren Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!