RU U LIVE LIFE MANEFESTO is about Consulting and Coaching and is created with the vision, to see believers find Freedom & Come Alive in their life and relationships, spirit, soul and body. There are far too many Christians that feel absolutely powerless to break certain cycles and pain, and unfortunately, one hour in church on a Sunday has not fully equipped the body of Christ to heal its self though it is perfectly capable with the right know how.
Ephesians 2:10 (KJV)
For WE ARE HIS WORKMANSHIP, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that WE SHOULD walk in them.

Question? Are you being discipled right now? How about the last 6 months? Why not? So who is leading you now? Do you have any expectations different from past years? Is there a plan? Are you dissatisfied with the status quo? Do you have personal coach? A motivator?  Are you accountable? Teachable? Ready for change? Equipping?

 Friend if you are still reading this right now you’re wanting next level thinking, breakthroughs healthy thought patterns, and a more meaningful spirit filled, adventurous life, one with more fulfillment for you and one where God will get much more out of YOU! If that’s what you are feeling then TRU U is a great tool for you.

 I challenge you right now, make a wise investment with the time you have left. This is are only occupation on planet earth, impact this world why you are here, touch lives, and learn how to LIVE and LOVE and overcome the powers at work against you.

 The TRU U Coaching Community is here to be a blessing to you right out of the box. We take care of you, we ease you into this LIFE with love and grace.

TRU U Life Consulting and Coaching is an offering of coaching and courses based on experience and spiritual discernment, to help men & women that hunger to LIVE LIFE FREE from powerlessness towards emotion, and who want to feel CONFIDENT and ALIVE in their lives relationships and calling. We have resources, for every stage you are at in your emotional health journey with the Lord.

We ALSO offer, training and mentorship and can match you with support coaches that can really help.

We believe in emotional health, breaking strongholds and spiritual breakthrough for everyone. This community loves each other and we all press into what we have learned on our own emotional health journeys and spiritual break through stories.

Striving for masteries is what we do as overcomers to LIVE UP to our HIGH calling as more than conquerors!

Our desire is to see you live a life connected to God, growing, gaining, impacting and influencing the people around you!

Friends you can build a LIVE LIFE MANIFESTO and step with VISION into the MISSION that God has designed for you!

Unashamedly, along this journey, U will find the place of real power and transformation, by the grace of God U will find the TRU U at the tree! You must find the center and that is where TRU freedom and deliverance manifest and you to begin to live the Life that God has truly intended for us all to LIVE.

The TRU U community is filled with Life changing testimonies so this is your on switch to spiritual wellbeing. It’s an introduction to health and healing for people who feel like they’ve never had success in there Christian walk before. And that’s what a lot of people are believing right now, that they can’t HAVE VICTORY in there life and relationships, NOT TRU!

At TRU U the idea here is to get people quickly in tune to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit so they can get spiritually fit, becoming healthy, feeling good, you’re going to love the TRU U transformation. It is a real process, a true metamorphosis, you are going to change, you are going to make it, and you are going to feel whole again!

Everybody needs a starting point, no exceptions and no excuses and TRU U is the best starting point for personal growth, that’s what TRU U is all about, it’s about transformation. It’s a walk, a stepping stone to LIFE, this process is hope building, home building, it’s happy and blessed, efficient and it’s exciting to emerge as the person God intended for you to be.  Imagine reconciling families, relationships, marriages and turning lives and communities toward God one relationship at a time.  

You can do this, anybody can, if I told you THERE IS A WAY that will change your life and start you WINNING what would that be worth to you?

 Yes, anybody willing can do this but most will not.

The Question is how willing are you for life change today?

Tell the enemy to shut up, and stop telling you, that you can’t LIVE in Victory!

All right, the TRU U workouts can begin soon and be modified longer or shorter, they’re not complicated but tailored for you, right where you’re at. Our goal is relational transformation one truth at a time. There’s so many unique teachings in this program. It’s going to keep you interested. You’re not going get bored, not with a personal coach that cares who is discerning in real time & designing a process tailor made for you to bring not just potential but power. You’re going to love becoming an EMPOWERED OVERCOMER in the age of the opposite.

 You are going to learn to swim upstream and fight the current of the CULTURE war we are living in. You will gain tactical training which is strategy, purpose, key disciplines and planning so you will even learn to know when to stand, run and slow down enough to seek, soak and meditate upon this Truth.

 Even from the comforts of your own home (via zoom, skype, duo ) you can start an amazing journey getting spiritually fit and focused then watch as the soul and body align and quickly follow the spirits leading.

God has shown us the problem; but HE has given us the antidote and the solution to this pattern, not to mention the passion, zeal, drive and anointing that have made Christ REAL in power and in demonstration for 15 years now working in the private sector.

The question is not will you follow us (coaches) but will YOU follow the Captain, and yes the Truth that will set you free? The Time is now the tools are being forged! – Aaron Trimble

But this is COACHING and you have to believe that you are worth the time and training that you are going to put in and that you are going to see changes right away. You are going to GROW with UNLIMITED POTENTIAL and be a Kingdom Builder because it’s the LIFE within the TRU U that heals everything it touches!

The question is not will you follow us (coaches) but will YOU follow the Captain, and yes the Truth that will set you free? The Time is now the tools are being forged! – Aaron Trimble

Join the TRU U community of BELIEVERS TODAY!

 Dear friend NOW, for the first time, TODAY you can flip the switch, and say, yeah, it’s my opportunity to fight a good fight, to walk right, yes it’s my turn to finally be set free from guilt and shame, I choose to be delivered and I WANT TO BECOME A DELIVERER!

 Yes I’m in…It’s my turn to get in, to get on board, to get strong and to join the TRU U Community Today!

 If that is U today: click the FIND THE TRU U TODAY Button and U will be contacted soon!!!